By: Lise van Boxel

A new and comprehensive interpretation of Nietzsche’s thought guided by the problem and task that Nietzsche himself identifies as the heart of his life’s work: nihilism and his endeavor to overcome it.

Warspeak presents a focused reading of Nietzsche’s On The Genealogy of Morality, driven and ordered by three major themes Nietzsche uses to structure his attack on nihilism and to lay the foundation for his life-affirming counter-ideal to nihilism:  the moral-theological prejudice, the genealogical method, and utilitarianism.

Warspeak, like Nietzsche himself, defies traditional academic categories—poetry, literature, science, philosophy, or political philosophy. At times the style is analytical, at times it is literary.  Threaded through the book as a whole is a novel-like account of the evolution of the latest, most vital human life-form as Nietzsche understands it.

ISBN 9781895131499 | Paperback
ISBN 9781895131505 | eBook
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