//Facing Catastrophe: Food, Politics, and the Ecological Crisis

Facing Catastrophe: Food, Politics, and the Ecological Crisis

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By: Carl Boggs
Forward by Peter McLaren

With the world facing an unparalleled global ecological crisis, Facing Catastrophe shines a searchlight on a crucial, but often ignored, part of the oncoming disaster – the vast food sector, dominated by agribusiness, meat and dairy producers, and a McDonaldized fast-food complex.

Capitalism – with its growth-driven, profit-oriented, nature-destroying logic – is incompatible with an ecologically sustainable society. This is particularly evident in the food sector, where, as societies become more economically developed, they make large-scale shifts toward meat and dairy consumption, dramatically increasing their carbon footprint.

Facing Catastrophe offers a powerful analysis of the problem of capitalist agriculture and the power structures that sustain it, revealing, on the one hand, a crisis more severe than even most environmentalists seem prepared to recognize, and on the other, a path forward to an ecological radicalism bold enough to move the planet off the path toward catastrophe.

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The familiar and overused vocabulary of “crisis” has been endowed with so many applications and meanings – most famously Karl Marx’s theory of capitalist crisis – that it has nowadays lost much of its power to convince, much less shock. If indeed “crisis” is perpetual, then what can be so urgent, so menacing – and where do we look for “solutions”? Does anybody need to pay much attention? Could the worsening global crisis or time-honored “crisis of democracy” or familiar economic crisis instill fear among mass populations largely immersed in their own, more immediate problems? Even threat of nuclear catastrophe, once a source of mass psychological dread in the United States and Europe, seems to have dissipated. At present we face an entirely different sort of crisis – the steady descent toward ecological collapse that threatens planetary life as we have known it. That crisis could eventually be more catastrophic than any of the others – yet as of this writing the political response in the U.S. and elsewhere has fallen woefully short of the challenge.

The central motif of Facing Catastrophe is that the modern ecological crisis, now visible in many symptoms across the world landscape, reveals more clearly with each passing moment the utterly destructive character of globalized corporate power. Revisiting the famous Marxist injunction “socialism or barbarism”, it is clear to see how the ecological crisis threatens the natural habitat more severely than even most environmentalists seem prepared to recognize. This seemingly new challenge (one actually a century or more in the making) has inspired, or more accurately forced, new ways of viewing not only economic development but political action, cultural behavior, natural relations, and perhaps most crucially social change.

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Carl Boggs is the author of many books in the fields of critical social theory, American politics, U.S. foreign policy and military history, film studies, and ecology.  After receiving his Ph.D. at U.C., Berkeley he taught at Washington University in St. Louis, Carleton University in Ottawa, UCLA, USC, and U.C., Irvine.  He is currently professor of social sciences at National University in Los Angeles.  He is a regular contributor to the magazine CounterPunch, is a member of the executive board of the Global Studies Association, and is involved with such journals as Theory and Society, Fast Capitalism, and New Political Science.  He is recipient of the Charles McCoy Career Achievement Award from the American Political Science Association, as well as several other awards in teaching and writing.  His latest two books are Fascism Old and New and Origins of the Warfare State


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