By: Aidan Prewett

“Prewett has reinvented the rock biography through his immersive, entertaining interviews with key players…this is a triumph.” –Plastic EP

What was it like to know Jimi Hendrix?

Critically-acclaimed documentary filmmaker and author Aidan Prewett answers this question through incisive new interviews with Jimi’s closest friends, colleagues, and family.

Personal moments with Jimi are recorded here in telling detail: You’ll travel with Jimi Hendrix from his first moments at the Café Wha to his last night in London. In the pages of this book you’re given access to Jimi’s inner circle. You’ll sit next to Jimi on the plane to Monterey, jam with him in London and Greenwich Village – and join him on stage at Woodstock.

Many of these stories have never appeared in print or film before. There are surprises in store.

Jimi’s friends reveal him as a genuine human being, quite separate from his stage persona. Joking around backstage and in the studio. Having Jimi over for Christmas dinner. Go-Karting with a grandmother in Majorca. These are moments that are often brushed over – but they allow us to delve deeper into Jimi’s character.

Featuring revealing, all-new interviews with Eddie Kramer, Kathy Ethchingham, Roger Mayer, Leon Hendrix, Keith Altham, Janis Ian, Al Kooper, Jack Casady and many others.

This is as close as it gets to spending a few hours in the company of Jimi Hendrix.

Paperback, 288 pages | ISBN: 9781895131536
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